Fast Hole Drilling Machines

Fast hole drilling machines

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2006 Actspark SD1 CNC fast hole drilling machine
30 amp machine, Tank size 750 x 490, Travels X 300, Y 200, Z 300

1998 Castek, FD22K hole drilling manual machine
50 amp machine, Tank size 450 x 208, Travels X 300, Y 200, Z 360 -SOLD

2001 Sodick, K1C Fast hole drilling machine
Tank size 550 x 435 x 250 travels X200, Y300, Z300
2 axis digital readout

2007 Charmilles DRILL 11 Fast hole drilling machine
25 amp machine, tank size 700 x 470, travels X300, Y200, Z300 – SOLD

Broken tap remover

This is a broken tap disintegrator which will remove broken taps, bolts, screws and drills. The model number is SFX-4000B. When processing deep hole or work piece in deep channel, the hallow electrode and high pressure water pump could help increase the pollution discharge speed. It removes the taps easily from any conductive material with a high efficiency and at a low cost. It is portable as it’s small and the separated head & power supple makes machining easier for working on large work. It will auto feed and stop at the setting depth, with a alarm and auto retract. The dielectric liquid is tap water and it will electrode any brass rod.